You will never breathe alone.

Help us fighting Covid-19 with OXI !

Our Company has developed a technology (pulse oximeter + communication & reporting system) which, unlike other similar  products, allows a Doctor to remotely monitor Patients by recording blood oxygen percentages, 24/7.

We developed the prototype in a week. Then we plugged it onto our Workflow Automation, blockchain-based platform: Chainplug. We finished it yesterday. March 28 2020.

It is really heartbreaking, knowing that our technology could make a difference in the global war against Covid-19, by offering a new weapon to humans. OXI allows infected Patients to be remotely assisted by their Physicians in the fight against the Coronavirus.

With OXI:

  • Any Human would have the security of being monitored by their Family Doctor at a distance and not feeling abandoned by the State;
  • Family Doctors, always on the frontline, would work in safer conditions by remotely evaluating the % of oxygen in the blood of their OXI-Patients;
  • NHS would thus be able to begin to start programming the need for Intensive Care Units (ICU) or Beds;
  • workflow management systems could receive data from Chainplug and, in pre-TRIAGE mode, could make predictions on the future needs of ICUs or beds;
  • Company & HR Departments would provide employees with a unique tool for remotely monitoring their health conditions.

For more information: info@chainplug.io


OXI is a wearable IoT device:

  • lowering the risks of Covid-19 infection for People, via Patient’s isolation and remote oxymeter supervision;
  • protecting Family Doctors from getting Covid-19 at their praxis;
  • sending alerts to Family Doctors and other recipients of choice, according to TRIAGE;
  • allowing remote monitoring, by a Physician, of multiple patients at the same time (via dedicated App) and their SO2 and temperature level;
  • providing absolute data transparency, immutability and automation;
  • where, generated and collected data can help NHSs in forecasting the need of ICUs via the secure and transparent sharing of Patients’ certified data.

OXI: A Pulse Oxymeter + Communication System

  • Patients

  1. Receive OXI from NHS or buy it at pharmacy stores/online
  2. Register the OXI device on Chainplug
  3. Invite their Family Doctor to Chainplug
  4. Once the Family Doctor has registered and logged-in Chainplug, OXI is activated
  5. Checks and monitors blood oxygen saturation and heart rate 24/7
  6. Sends alerts to Family Doctor from patient’s OXI according to TRIAGE
  7. Is sent to NHS from Family Doctor only when really needed
  • Family Doctors

  1. Receive an invitation to log-in onto Chainplug, via mail (Patient’s input)
  2. Log onto Chainplug therefore activating Patients’ OXI
  3. Eventually receive alerts from Patients’ OXI deviceCan check both Patient’s blood oxygen saturation and heart rate 24/7, in real time and historical
  4. Based on Patient’s OXI data can decide to forward the case to the NHS
  5. Avoids direct contact with potentially ill patients
  • Companies & HR Departements

  1. Could provide their employees with OXI to take care of their health also during pandemic times of Smart Working from home
  2. By introducing OXI to their employees, HR departments could have a monitoring of the, present and future, available healthy resources
  3. Corporations & Companies would concretely act towards an enhancement of their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  4. Corporations & Companies would guarantee their business a more flexible approach to pandemic times, based on real data
  • Data

  1. Are securely registered onto Chainplug.
  2. Are automated according to TRIAGE principleCan be shared, from Patient (thus bypassing GDPR), with NHS and Authorities.
  3. Can be received and used by NHS and Authorities, via API, for planning, crisis management, research.