An immutable, certified and automated IoT | data partnership:

Move Solution & Chainplug

Are your IoT sensors informing you?

Is a bridge sensor flagging for immediate action on your actual sensor network management dashboard? Is your technology able to automatically send alerts in an intelligent way and certify them? Are all the data generated by your IoT devices certified and stored in an immutable, transparent and automated way, as they happen? Never considered adopting Blockchain Technology?


  • Certification Transparency
  • Certification Traceability
  • Certification Accountability
  • Certification Automation
  • Data Privacy & Immutability
  • IoT Integration
  • Collaboration Platform


Any above defined user can:

  • Register on our Portal
  • Create own user account
  • Create and manage user account information
  • Request any listed Certificate or Certification
  • Follow request status and stage
  • View a report of their own data
  • Receive an email notification each time the request changes the status/stage

For Authorities, Legislative & Public Bodies, Associations

Any above listed user can:

  • Receive Certification requests and be notified by email
  • View general reports of certificate status/stage, type, quantity, sorted by companies and by users
  • Receive notification when a certificate is about to expire
  • Manage or, in other words, assign, reject and approve certification requests

Any user can:

  • Take account of the transactions done
  • Take advantage of our system modularity
  • Easily activate and de-activate modules
  • Benefit of our ability to integrate any technology with blockchain through smart contract

Do you certify your sensors’ data?

Nowadays existing technologies don’t facilitate those processes. Since years, sensors monitor any given structure: Internet of Things has introduced sensor technologies which, at present time, can audit site conditions, boost equipment and material management, increase workers’ safety, allow better facility management and more. Most of these IoT application-fields provide data which are currently difficult to collect, safely storage, use and, definitely, impossible to certify.

Blockchain adds data-privacy, transparency & automation to your Sensors

Adding Blockchain to your Sensors will bring your operative processes to next level by certifying their status and automating processes. Your IoT devices will be interacting with your and your stakeholder’s software, easily providing each other the highest data privacy and data transparency: all data will be immutably stored and certified. Blockchain Technology will enable your Sensors to generate their own ecosystem using your own operative system. Take our free Blockchain Readiness Assessment Survey to discover the how Blockchain Technology can improve your Internet of Things technology!

USE CASE: Certifying and automating structural IoT data via Chainplug’s Platform

The Blockchain Technology we provide is fully integrated and automated with Move Solutions’ Sensors for the purpose of:

  • Zeroing Product Counterfeiting od the sensor via the Blockchain certification of the Move Solutions’ Sensors
  • Accessing sensors and managing them via Blockchain encrypted unique access-key
  • Certifying Sensors’ operability and functionality
  • Certifying Move Solutions’ Sensors geo-localization
  • Certifying and immutably storing Move Solutions’ Sensors data, as they are generated

Integrating our Blockchain Technology with Move Solutions Sensors will allow your Company to:

  • install your certified Move Solutions’ technologies
  • reduce litigation & insurance costs
  • enhance customer’s trust and service level
  • manage your Certifications in a transparent and secure way

Our Blockchain Workflow Management Platform will allow your Company to:

  • optimize and automate, in a certified and secure way, your workflows
  • receive/send certified data
  • trigger intelligent and certified alerts
  • apply for Certification via a digital platform
  • manage your Certification assets in an easy and secure way
  • verify and automatically update for renewal, both own and third party’s, Certificates
  • enhance the quality of Trust in their Business Ecosystems while reducing litigation and other costs

And Authorities or Public Bodies to:

  • manage Certification applications via a digital platform
  • simplify and shorten Certificates’ production and delivery time
  • bring their operative processes to next technological level

enhance their efficiency and effectively reduce production costs.