Blockchain and temperature-controlled shipping in supply-chain

How much of your temperature-controlled shipments in Pharmaceutical Industry clears the customs? How much, doesn’t?

In a recent research, jointly made by IBM and Mærsk, a total of about 8,5% of the temperature- controlled shipments hasn’t cleared the Customs because of lack of temperature certification. For the pharmaceutical industry this is a big loss, potentially effecting human being’s health. Tailor-made drugs and e-commerce will soon speed up the production and distribution of such a type of very personalized shipping. Measuring and therefore certifying the temperature in closed and temperature-controlled shipping environments will therefore a higher liability, in coming years, for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Never considered adopting Blockchain Technology?


  • Certification Transparency
  • Certification Traceability
  • Certification Accountability
  • Certification Automation
  • Data Privacy & Immutability
  • IoT Integration
  • Collaboration Platform


Any user can:

  • Register on our Portal
  • Create own user account
  • Create and manage user account information
  • Request any listed Certificate or Certification
  • Follow request status and stage
  • View a report of their own data
  • Receive an email notification each time the request changes the status/stage

For Authorities, Legislative & Public Bodies, Associations

Any above listed user can:

  • Receive Certification requests and be notified by email
  • View general reports of certificate status/stage, type, quantity, sorted by companies and by users
  • Receive notification when a certificate is about to expire
  • Manage or, in other words, assign, reject and approve certification requests

Any user can:

  • Take account of the transactions done
  • Take advantage of our system modularity
  • Easily activate and de-activate modules
  • Benefit of our ability to integrate any technology with blockchain through smart contract

Is drugs counterfeiting a risky business?

How can you make sure that your existing clients use drugs produced by your company? Counterfeiting is a big problem not only for the Pharmaceutical Industry but also for human beings. How do you effectively fight it? Is your supply-chain leaking? Which instruments do you provide patients to, quickly and securely, check the originality of your products? Are you sure that a shipment is correctly geo-located and keeping your goods at the suggested and traveling at the certified controlled temperature? And what about another field of application like the shipment of human organs? Risky business?

Blockchain adds data-privacy, transparency & automation to your pharmaceutical supply-chain

By combining our Certification and IoT technologies we have created ColdChain: a platform for your temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipments, integrating Blockchain Technology, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. ColdChain will bring your operative processes to next level by certifying their status (temperature, position, sensor efficiency) and automating supply-chain processes. Your IoT devices will be interacting with your own and your supply-chain software, easily providing each other the highest data privacy and transparency: all data will be immutably stored and certified. Take our free Blockchain Readiness Assessment Survey to discover how Blockchain Technology can improve your temperature- controlled shipments and supply-chain.

USE CASE: ColdChain, Pharmaceutical Industry and Blockchain Technology

We have created the ColdChain Platform in Blockchain Technology for the purpose of:

  • Certifying the shipping temperature of drugs in temperature-controlled environments
  • Fighting counterfeiting via our product Certification Platform
  • Providing an easy, correct and secure information to your drug users
  • Allowing disintermediation in supply-chain
  • Paving the road for tailor-made drugs
  • Providing data transparency and accessibility to all stake-holders of the supply-chain

Our Certification Management Platform will, for example, allow Contractors to:

  • apply for Certification via a digital platform
  • verify and automatically update, both own and third party’s, Certificates
  • manage their certification assets in an easy and secure way
  • enhance the quality of production while reducing litigation and other cost

And Authorities, to:

  • receive, work and deliver Certification via a digital platform
  • simplify and shorten Certificates’ production and delivery time
  • bring their operative processes to next technological level
  • enhance their efficiency and effectively reduce production costs