Blockchain Technology in

Construction Industry

Is managing Certificates, and Certification process itself, an easy job for your Company?

Has certificating your work in Building Industry always been a time-consuming experience for you or your Company? Do you think it has been an easy job for the Authorities providing the requested certifications? Can you exactly remember where are all your, as an example, ISO Certificates are located right now and whether they have expired or not? Are your certificated documents all in the same, whether physical or digital, place? Are they safe? Do you receive alerts for the renewal of your certifications? Never considered adopting Blockchain Technology?


  • Certification Transparency
  • Certification Traceability
  • Certification Accountability
  • Certification Automation
  • Data Privacy & Immutability
  • IoT Integration
  • Collaboration Platform


For Contractors, sub-Contractors, Professionals, Consultants, Suppliers,  Service Providers, Workers.

Any above defined user can:

  • Register on our Portal
  • Create own user account
  • Create and manage user account information
  • Request any listed Certificate or Certification
  • Follow request status and stage
  • View a report of their own data
  • Receive an email notification each time the request changes the status/stage

For Authorities, Legislative & Public Bodies, Associations

Any above listed user can:

  • Receive Certification requests and be notified by email
  • View general reports of certificate status/stage, type, quantity, sorted by companies and by users
  • Receive notification when a certificate is about to expire
  • Manage or, in other words, assign, reject and approve certification requests

Any user can:

  • Take account of the transactions done
  • Take advantage of our system modularity
  • Easily activate and de-activate modules
  • Benefit of our ability to integrate any technology with blockchain through smart contract

Is Certificates’ counterfeiting or expiration a problem for you?

A Certification’s process, in some Countries, is still managed via regular mail. In some other Nations, the most technologically advanced communication system between, just to say, the Authority and the Contractor, is the email where the requested ISO document is an attached .pdf file. Furthermore, it is very hard to have a quick overview, and rapidly manage and retrieve, in a secure way, both your existing, requested, pending or obsolete Certifications. Both for your Company and those participating to the building process. Are you sure your Certificates are still valid? What about those of your partners? Are they counterfeited or expired? Do you know? Do they know?

Blockchain adds data-privacy, transparency & automation to your Certificates

The ability to legally, securely and quickly apply for, receive and manage your, as an example, ISO Certifications, it is a time and resource-consuming, rather difficult, task. Adding Blockchain to your Certification needs will bring your operative processes to next level by securing data-privacy, enhancing transparency among the participants to the certification process, and automating the processes. Our Blockchain Certification Platform will be interacting with your and your stakeholder’s software, easily providing each other the highest data privacy and data transparency: all data will be immutably stored and certified. Take our free Blockchain Readiness Assessment Survey to discover how Blockchain Technology can improve your certification needs!

USE CASE: ISO Certification Management Platform and Blockchain Technology

For your ISO Certification needs, and any other needed certification-type requested in Construction Industry, we have realized a Certification Management System in Blockchain Technology. Our platform is easily integrated, operated and automated within a network including Authorities, Contractors, Partners, Professionals and more, for the purpose of:

  • Zeroing Counterfeiting via the Blockchain Certification
  • Accessing Certificates via Blockchain encrypted unique access-key
  • Manage all certification documents on the same platform both as Authority and Contractor
  • Store all your Certificates in a data-secure storage transparent and automated way (renewals)

Our Certification Management Platform will, for example, allow Contractors to:

  • apply for Certification via a digital platform
  • verify and automatically update, both own and third party’s, Certificates
  • manage their certification assets in an easy and secure way
  • enhance the quality of production while reducing litigation and other cost

And Authorities, to:

  • receive, work and deliver Certification via a digital platform
  • simplify and shorten Certificates’ production and delivery time
  • bring their operative processes to next technological level
  • enhance their efficiency and effectively reduce production costs